Starting a retail shop in the past use to come with a substantial financial upfront investment. Things like fully stocking the shop, rent, shop fitting, POS systems, training, security, Insurance etc. – The internet has completely changed that.

You can now run a online shop from your home, completely eliminating the need to rent retail space for tens of thousands. You don’t need to impress customers with stock volumes – you can run lean and only stock what you need.

Everyone is on the internet 24/7 and that is to the advantage of an online store, as it never closes. There is nothing better than making money when you sleep.

Why you? You might be thinking since Amazon already exist why should I attempt an online shop? The fact is, you will never be Amazon – but Amazon will never be you (and your online shop). You can build a real relationship with your followers and fans far better that Amazon can since you are at the heart of your business and not some massive heartless corporate company. You bring value to your customers and they will support your cause.

How can you start your online shop? Since we have had a large number of client request this very service we have decided to sell fully functioning online shops – Each shop is already capable of processing orders, meaning you can buy a product to see exactly how your shop would function.


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